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Firewire recording with a Motorola DCT6208

Hi guys, Thought I would just give an update in case anyone else is trying to do this. I got the recording to work on the 1 HD channel I tried (CBCHD). I only tried recording for about 10 or 15seconds but will try a 2 hour show today. I have to say it couldn't be easier for Mac users Once you download and install Firewire SDK26 run the AVCBrowser. The DCT6200 should show up. Press the Open Device Control - Panel. This will pop up a panel that will have buttons to change the channel and a streaming option on the right hand side (sorry but going off memory). Above the button it will say something like you require VLC to be in the applications folder of your mac. Press the stream button and VLC will pop up with a UDP stream and video of whatever channel you are watching To record go into VLC and choose file->Streaming/Transcoding Wizard. Select Transcode/Save to file. Select Next Select Existing Playlist item and select the UDP transport stream Then it gives you options for encoding audio and video separately (I skipped this by leaving the defaults and going tothe next page. I select .ts format to save the file and a location. Click through till it starts to record and away you go. Good luck!!

link: DCT6200 - How to tell if FIrewire port enabled? - Digital Forum   bookmark tuals 0.1 on

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