tuals - technologies for user-adaptive learning systems. Our mission
is to identify gaps in the application of cutting edge analytical technology. We aim to create a technologically enabled ecology of information that is scalable, robust and individually tailored, for which we will develop peerless collections of intelligent tuals that will learn and adapt to personal learning styles and will absorb, digest, categorize, visualize and repurpose digital information based on a dynamic model of the user's contextual perspective, as it is automatically derived from observing the user's engagement with the informational environment and from explicit user refinement.
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Idea Generation - Genesis

This is the most fertile ground and also the area that most people have difficulty. These are the ideas that are tossed around, carelessly flying over cubical walls, or Eureka like insights while talking with friends late at night. Some of the best ideas seem to come to people in the shower, or while driving. This process is very well understood and there are many books and resources designed to help in the process of generating new ideas. This is not to say that sometimes people have difficulty. The book "The Artists Way" specificaly talks about how to manage this.

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Defining the scope

The initial idea for the topic is, "To Laptop or not to Laptop". I think this is a very catchy title, so we can stick with this.

Some questions:

Who is the audience?

I'm thinking of my little sister who insists that she needs a laptop. I'm concerned that she's going to pay a lot of money and get something that is very inconvenient, something that doesn't suit her purpose at all.

Here's another person. There is a lady in my office who feels chained to her desktop. She's new to the office and some of the people she works with have laptops and she thinks it would be better if she had one. She's never had a laptop before, but she has seen that other people use them.

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Features overview...

using your 'BLOG ADMIN' links, you can determine which 'BLOCKS' you see; overriding the defaults.

click on sidebar config.

I have setup a 'chatbox' module...

kinda like msn?

lets see what its like.

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it's about bloggin' time!

I did a quick search and I found several wiki's with some very good content related to knowledge management, social networking and information architecture, all of which are of great interest to me.

Here they are:

IA Wiki
KM Wiki

Now that I have a blog, now I need a wiki, since they are both very different activities.

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Incept date: We started here

A fruitful discussion via phone about tuals™, KM, and online collaborative tools, is recapped by Ryan:

Just got off the phone with aaron. We touched based. I was feeling really out of touch, I didn't know where we stood. So we clarified that we're both still very interested in the same topic, and still approaching from different directions. Both facing some of the same challenges.

We decided to setup a wiki with the drupal and to use that as a framework for storing/gathering and revising, and collaborating. He will be responding to my proposed outline. And we will start the discussino from there.

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