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is to identify gaps in the application of cutting edge analytical technology. We aim to create a technologically enabled ecology of information that is scalable, robust and individually tailored, for which we will develop peerless collections of intelligent tuals that will learn and adapt to personal learning styles and will absorb, digest, categorize, visualize and repurpose digital information based on a dynamic model of the user's contextual perspective, as it is automatically derived from observing the user's engagement with the informational environment and from explicit user refinement.
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scientio has got something - using 'concept structures'

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Edmonds. 2007. Using concept structures for efficient document comparison and location. Conference Proceeding

I was so pleased to finally (and serendipitously, I might add) find a computer science article that describes what I was trying to do with my masters work, from outside the discipline.

This is a quick read. Spells out terms very clearly for non-adepts, so I found it to be quite accessible.

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end of an era - goodbye PC, hello mac!

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Well, my first semester in Vancouver is over. The assignments are not yet complete or submitted; but I am going home.

Im on the bus to the airport, testing out their new wifi-on-the-road.

Im impressed.

I cant carry on a skype conversation and even lofi web pages take a while to lead, but no one promised broadband!

While I have had to give up *BOTH* 50 lb suitcase for gifts (of varying ridiculous sizes) and am confined to one (smallish) gym bag that is now my 'portable office' computer bag; and one rolling carryon; together nearly 70 lbs.

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simple does it! searching "visual cluster" on Springerlink

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This was a great search!

"visual cluster"

It produced 23 results!

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plain old google

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This visualiz* "document cluster*" Google search produced 28 hits.

This may be my best google search yet.

I thought about 12 were worth exploring further, and about 8 resulted in downloaded documents/articles.

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'too late,' he cries, anxious to end the churning. 'Not another search!'

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I just want to be done. That means I should stop; but I could not help but feel that since the Visualization and Computer Graphics people aren't really talking about visualizing 'document clusters,' 'textual data clusters,' or 'text content clustering,' I decided that I might just be missing the boat.

What about "visualiz* data-mining"?

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the last huzzah: IEEE Vis on 'document clustering visualization'

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Produced 1964 of 1696753 documents.

Search results

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drilling transactions on Visualizaiton and Computer Graphics for 'TexClusViz'

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I decided to drill down in one of the top IEEE publications on Visualization.

It took a while to figure out how to search just one publication. Details: The main site I have for this publication features the newest articles...but no facility for searching just this publication.

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the bounded rationality and overall muddle of keyword search

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Circa 2003, while studying policy 'sciences' as a new grad student, I was introduced to the concept of the policy 'muddle'.

Rather than fostering expectations of rational and scientific decision and policy-making, the author and professor were introducing us to the pragmatic, glaring disjuncture between the idealized 'policy process' and the real-world situations that range from successes, through 'muddles', to 'disasters, failures, etc.'

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searching acm digital library for "visualiz text cluster"

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I'm not as happy with the search utility at ACM: they don't allow * wildcard characters.

I tried "visualiz* text* cluster*" and got 0 hits.

Next I tried +visualize +visualizing "text clusters" and got 200 hits (there may have been more: ACM results page says something like "showing the best 200 results").

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visualizing ontologies

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An interesting sidebar emerged from my more specific search for text clustering visualization methods.

Search strategy: ( ((( ((( ((visualiz*)<in>metadata ) <and> ((text*)<in>metadata ) )<and> ((cluster*)<in>metadata ))<in>metadata ) <not> ((textur*)<in>metadata ) ))<in>metadata ) <and> ((ontolog*)<in>metadata ) )

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