tuals - technologies for user-adaptive learning systems. Our mission
is to identify gaps in the application of cutting edge analytical technology. We aim to create a technologically enabled ecology of information that is scalable, robust and individually tailored, for which we will develop peerless collections of intelligent tuals that will learn and adapt to personal learning styles and will absorb, digest, categorize, visualize and repurpose digital information based on a dynamic model of the user's contextual perspective, as it is automatically derived from observing the user's engagement with the informational environment and from explicit user refinement.
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Structuring unstructured data

A nice article discussing a 350 000 dollar server that does what i am about.

Another company thats been at it for 25 years.

Another list of articles, one which makes the links to policy.

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computer vision annotated bibliography

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tech tracking the 'Neat Receipts' Scanner

oem vendor

regional reseller


old oem vendor

old regional reseller

old manufacturer

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mind mapping tutorial assessed

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ergonomic keyboards for less?

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AS tuals 05-02-11.doc

I have been ruminating over these ideas for the last five years.
Based on this fact, I now feel ready to describe the TUALS project.


1. Enable users to process textual (audio and visual) documents.

Where Processing Involves:


  • Facilitate Original Document digitization from paper to digital format through a shared interface or SDK with existing OCR software.
  • Import Original Document content, format, and layout into TUALS Document format (.TUALS for texts, audio, image and video) through printer spooling mechanism, direct manual or automated import using proprietary extraction, conversion, and wrapper algorithms.

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DevonThink in Action: screenshots, also research in action

Steven Johnson blogged, "This week's edition of the Times Book Review features an essay that I wrote about the research system I've used for the past few years: a tool for exploring the couple thousand notes and quotations that I've assembled over the past decade -- along with the text of finished essays and books. I suspect there will be a number of you curious about the technical details, so I've put together a little overview here, along with some specific observations. For starters, though, go read the essay and then come back once you've got an overview."

See the blog. Link to the NWT articles therein:

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This is a test

Whats all this about?

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gargh. more down time.

this time it was really ugly.

why do files disappear from 'secure' servers?

is the ghost in the shell a gremlin?

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Job is done in Singapore

Just finishing up here in Singapore. It was a very successfull trip. I was able to finish everything that I came here to do. I was also able to see a lot of stuff. They have a favorite fruit here called Durian. I found out about it from the hotel. There was a sign that said, "No Durians Allowed!" At first I thought it was some sort of animal or something, so I thought "No monkey's allowed". I can understand that, but when I found out it was a fruit I knew I had to try one. The reason it is a banned substance in hotels is that it has a very distinct fragrance. Some people say it stinks, but to me it doesn't stink at all! Very good. I tried one at a fruit stand. They have Durian ice cream and Durian bubble tea, all very good. So what I want to know is why Durian's are banned, but very stinky perfumes are totally OK. I haven't heard of anyone allergic to Durians, but lots of people are alergic to perfume. Ah, the many contradictions of our society.

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