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'too late,' he cries, anxious to end the churning. 'Not another search!'

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I just want to be done. That means I should stop; but I could not help but feel that since the Visualization and Computer Graphics people aren't really talking about visualizing 'document clusters,' 'textual data clusters,' or 'text content clustering,' I decided that I might just be missing the boat.

What about "visualiz* data-mining"?

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searching acm digital library for "visualiz text cluster"

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I'm not as happy with the search utility at ACM: they don't allow * wildcard characters.

I tried "visualiz* text* cluster*" and got 0 hits.

Next I tried +visualize +visualizing "text clusters" and got 200 hits (there may have been more: ACM results page says something like "showing the best 200 results").

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