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scientio has got something - using 'concept structures'

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Edmonds. 2007. Using concept structures for efficient document comparison and location. Conference Proceeding

I was so pleased to finally (and serendipitously, I might add) find a computer science article that describes what I was trying to do with my masters work, from outside the discipline.

This is a quick read. Spells out terms very clearly for non-adepts, so I found it to be quite accessible.

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simple does it! searching "visual cluster" on Springerlink

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This was a great search!

"visual cluster"

It produced 23 results!

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drilling transactions on Visualizaiton and Computer Graphics for 'TexClusViz'

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I decided to drill down in one of the top IEEE publications on Visualization.

It took a while to figure out how to search just one publication. Details: The main site I have for this publication features the newest articles...but no facility for searching just this publication.

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searching ieee Xplore for 'visualizing text clusters'

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Searched ( ((visualiz*)<in>metadata ) <and> ((text*)<in>metadata ) )<and> ((cluster*)<in>metadata )

My search matched 71 of 1692897 documents.

I reviewed the abstracts of the first 17 or so and found a lot of noise around volumetric modeling...Decided to remove texture* from my search...

So I Searched ( ((( ((visualiz*)<in>metadata ) <and> ((text*)<in>metadata ) )<and> ((cluster*)<in>metadata ))<in>metadata ) <not> ((texture*)<in>metadata ) )

& my search matched 43 of 1692897 documents.

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reading for gist

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Got to get going on my IAT 814 and 802 term projects.

Started with the idea of reading for gist, a model principally from

O'Halloran, K. (2003). Critical discourse analysis and language cognition. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Wanted to get a deeper view on the concept, so did a google scholar search using combined SFUBC proxies and VPNs.

Found about 32 articles with the following strategy:

"reading for gist" -esl -teacher

Downloaded (and meta-scraped) 11...but only about 7 from this search.

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visualizing natural language - 3D conversational agents

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Had a great after-class discussion with Steve. He gave us the lowdown on some of SIAT organizational history. Highlights included the hiring 'waves,' institutional memory, and the politics of place in the Academy. This last is very important to me personally; since those politics impinge on the domain of my studies. Given that CS and EnG are withdrawing from FAS, that leaves Contemporary Arts, Communications and us. The name of the new faculty is the issue under contention. I don't want to end up in faculty of Contemporary Arts! Euch.

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googling 'textual analytics'

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InfoProfiler beta - Features

Information sources:

InfoProfiler can deal with all content sources where text is available in a machine-readable format e.g., World Wide Web, SEC Filings, Proprietary databases, and company Intranets.

Extracts Text and Information pieces:

InfoProfiler has inbuilt text extraction capabilities and can extract information from a website as well as from a given set of websites. It understands the structure of a webpage and decides whether it is a news, forum, review, bulletin board or a blog. InfoProfiler can also remove unwanted text portions (such as, advertisements) from a given information source.

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