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Tag Folders (or maybe just smart folders) broken after 10.6.1 upgrade

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No Smart Folders made by Tag Folders show any contents, even after "successfully" tagging files. Using other means, verified that OpenMeta Tags are attached: TagFolders' Smart Folders just aren't showing any contents.

The upshot is; I can get the TF Smart Folders to function, but my fix occasionally causes the they belong to stop working. For details, read on...

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the bounded rationality and overall muddle of keyword search

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Circa 2003, while studying policy 'sciences' as a new grad student, I was introduced to the concept of the policy 'muddle'.

Rather than fostering expectations of rational and scientific decision and policy-making, the author and professor were introducing us to the pragmatic, glaring disjuncture between the idealized 'policy process' and the real-world situations that range from successes, through 'muddles', to 'disasters, failures, etc.'

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