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15 hard-to-clean spots on any hard drive...

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So here is my list of cobwebby digital corners that, despite my 'best' efforts, nearly always seem to be in a deep state of disarray. They seem to remain on the back burner, in the back of my mind as something I know I should tidy up some day, but that day never seems to come.
The list started out as my top 9 disaster zones, but as is so often the case, upon painful reflection, this list grew larger. And, in fact, grew into a series of defined projects that intersect along some important organizational lines.
So without further ado, here is my list of top 15 hard-to-clean spots on any hard drive:

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A little elaboration

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Too much concision is hard to follow.

So I will elaborate a little. (okay, a lot...)

The purpose of this section is to show why the catagories in our schema were chosen and how they contribute to our understanding of things.

To recap, I call 'all things that exist' Entities. When I use this term, I am talking specifically about this category. When I say things, I mean much as I expect everyone else does; as a generic & inclusive term for 'stuff.' When I say 'I,' I am refering to a logical step or explanation that I have taken. When I say 'we,' I am refering to a common abstraction that I assume applies uniformly to us english speakers (& readers).

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Onward from Properties...

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States are possible manifestations of Properties.
As a class, States serve to catalogue the initial existential implications of possessing a property.
So any given State is the accepted result of actually having a property.
Conditions are actual manifestations of Properties.
As a class, Conditions serve to delimit the actual existential results of possesing a property.
So a given Condition is the immediate result of actually having a property.

Conditions are particular temporal instances of States.
Having a condition means being in a State at a given time, or for a given duration.
All Conditions are States whose existential state has changed from possible to actual.

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Tools for non-linear access to multi-disciplinary domain knowledge

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Every existential assertion creates a cascade of existential assumptions.

Take, for example the brief definition: Dimensions are measures of magnitude or extent. In order to understand this defintion, the concepts mentioned on the surface--measures, magnitudes and extents--must each exist and I must be able to know as much. The existential requirements of this relatively simple assertion are thus complicated by knowledge requirements.

So we know that knowledge is involved. But what do we know about knowledge? We know that the nature of knowledge, its very possibilty, and the range of what can be known relies upon the nature of existence, its possiblities, and the range of what can exist.

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