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how did I hide digital editions and Microsoft User Data

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I am attempting to recreate all of the little customizations that I have layered onto my MBP.

In the Documents folder, I had removed the unwelcome ‘Microsoft User Data’ and Digital Editions folders from the finder by hiding them…

Or, more accurately, in the case of the MUD folder; moved the folder to ~/Library/ and created an alias to the original.

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How the Pieces are coming Together

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So, I have decided to stop whining about how the tools 'just are not there' or 'just have so many shortcomings'.

From now onward, I am building a system - a dependable (ok, ill settle for pretty reliable and mostly stable) environment within which tailored workflows can be semi-automated to the best of my ability, and to the furthest extent possible with the available tools...

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Rediscovering the utility of passion

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So after a very long hiatus, I am back blogging.
Im so excited about what I am doing now, that I can hardly type. My brain keeps running ahead to all the posts I want to write.
But lets start with where I am right now.
I have just picked up an old project and started a few new ones.

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