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Note to self: Neatreceipts method


Got to Receipts tab.
Select receipt folder (by year & currency).

Sort by Vendor.
Check that all categories for each Vendor have only minimal expected variance. (e.g. sometimes drugstore, sometimes groceries...)

Note if any vendors (particularly restaurants) have mutiple receipts with amounts varying by less than 20% on a given day (where one was a cash receipt and the other was a credit card).
Copy the tax/pst/gst ammounts from cash to credit receipt.
Select cash receipt (holding down CTRL) and select credit receipt (so black arrow is pointing to credit receipt).

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Thanks for the email, Jimmy - Update on Bravia and integrated intel chipset

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A couple days ago I received an email from a reader. It reminded me that I should really post a follow up. Thanks for the email!

The ending to this story is a good one. I found out that:

S-video (round connector) cables are only built to transmit 480i. They can push up to 800x600, but it wont look great. And since they do it 'analog' with fewer dedicated channels than the SVGA cables, the quality will not usually be as good as an SVGA (traditional computer monitor connector) cable set to display at 640x480 or 800x600.

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pushing native 720p widescreen from an integrated graphics chipset


Oh my god, what a headache Intel's 945GM has turned out to be.

Not to mention Sony's lack of drivers for their Bravia KDL-40S3000.

Maybe I should have waited for 1080p to come down in price; but my lovely wife got a great doorbuster price on black friday. So the beast has finally arrived...and displays only 4:3 1024x768; not even the 16:9ish 1280x768 (black screen).

And I cannot get the Intel Drivers (updated to the latest Vista drivers, and even to a patch for high-resolution HD displays, just not the low-res HD...) to push 1360x768.

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end of an era - goodbye PC, hello mac!

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Well, my first semester in Vancouver is over. The assignments are not yet complete or submitted; but I am going home.

Im on the bus to the airport, testing out their new wifi-on-the-road.

Im impressed.

I cant carry on a skype conversation and even lofi web pages take a while to lead, but no one promised broadband!

While I have had to give up *BOTH* 50 lb suitcase for gifts (of varying ridiculous sizes) and am confined to one (smallish) gym bag that is now my 'portable office' computer bag; and one rolling carryon; together nearly 70 lbs.

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searching acm digital library for "visualiz text cluster"

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I'm not as happy with the search utility at ACM: they don't allow * wildcard characters.

I tried "visualiz* text* cluster*" and got 0 hits.

Next I tried +visualize +visualizing "text clusters" and got 200 hits (there may have been more: ACM results page says something like "showing the best 200 results").

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'3D Virtual Worlds' for database browsing & discovery

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Interesting application to Genomic data: IEEE Article

Does navigating through 'inaccessible' spaces help?

How about navigating through 'non' spaces that are metaphorically 'spatialized' for visual re-presentation?

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what are 'n-grams'

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From wikipedia: "An n-gram is a sub-sequence of n items from a given sequence." So the scope and granularity of their application matters greatly!

At the 'word-level', n-grams are constituted by successive groups of n words.

N-grams can be used (as in NLP) for 'efficient approximate matching.'...

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drupal + CleanURL + Apache + AJAX + AutoComplete = 404

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One of the things I really like about drupal is that it has built in the capacity to (manually) classify contents on the fly.

Besides being able to set up nested or hierarchical categories, it has a built in autocomplete feature that looks for every term you've ever used in that particular category, evaluates what you have typed so far, and generates a custom drop down list with 'official' terms. And, oh, yeah. You can ignore all its hard work and just keep on typing to add new terms if you really want to.

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que horrible

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Well, just got through the last of a gruelling upgrade/downgrade/upgrade loop. What a pain. Anyhow; decided to stick with the older version of drupal, since the update to 5.x majorly screwed with my database and made the site unreachable... Also, will need to re-theme to get to 5.x.

Since the last 'theming' took, oh, say 2 years, I think ill stay where we are for a bit.

Is it reasonable? no...but ive got to sleep

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mu.tuals blog gets a facelift

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Its about time, but not quite finished. I would still like to get a menu par on the side, for easier access to the user functions, Tagadelic topic cluster; who's online; etc.

The original inspiration for this theme should be obvious to those who know, and the color scheme pays homage to my first attempt at theming drupal nearly 5 years ago...

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