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how did I hide digital editions and Microsoft User Data

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I am attempting to recreate all of the little customizations that I have layered onto my MBP.

In the Documents folder, I had removed the unwelcome ‘Microsoft User Data’ and Digital Editions folders from the finder by hiding them…

Or, more accurately, in the case of the MUD folder; moved the folder to ~/Library/ and created an alias to the original.

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svelte new zotero kicks rumply old RefMan's butt

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I just remembered I have Zotero installed.

I had deactivated it because it was interfering with my RIS harvesting into Reference Manager 11 (RefMan).

I would love to compare the efficacy of retrofitting crappy Google Scholar RIS using cut-and-paste methodology from more fully indexed sources; vs. ignoring the RIS import altogether and getting Zotero to scrape it all for you.

I cant do that if Zotero gobbles up all my RIS files...So i figgured out how to make Zotero leave them alone.

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personal learning - Rothkopf and Laurillard's 'mathemagenics'

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In my PKM hajj, I am reviewing some of the buzz on PKM. Its mostly bloggers like Llia Elfimova.

Incidentally, I found I myself intrigued not only by her blogging her PhD process (with significant gaps of late for child rearing) but in the etymology of her namesake...

The idea: 'mathemagenics' as activity from which learning emerges.


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Advanced Googling - for PKM (personal knowledge management)

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PKM, or Personal Knowledge Management, is more than a buzzword. Oh, its DEFINITELY a buzzword. No question. And there are some who question how it is ANY different than PIM, or Personal Information Management.

The simple answer is that proactive learning is not my Windows Address Book.

I weigh in on this in my Masters thesis...The gist of my lets-not-just-go-with-KM-'as-is' argument is this:

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que horrible

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Well, just got through the last of a gruelling upgrade/downgrade/upgrade loop. What a pain. Anyhow; decided to stick with the older version of drupal, since the update to 5.x majorly screwed with my database and made the site unreachable... Also, will need to re-theme to get to 5.x.

Since the last 'theming' took, oh, say 2 years, I think ill stay where we are for a bit.

Is it reasonable? no...but ive got to sleep

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visualizing natural language - 3D conversational agents

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Had a great after-class discussion with Steve. He gave us the lowdown on some of SIAT organizational history. Highlights included the hiring 'waves,' institutional memory, and the politics of place in the Academy. This last is very important to me personally; since those politics impinge on the domain of my studies. Given that CS and EnG are withdrawing from FAS, that leaves Contemporary Arts, Communications and us. The name of the new faculty is the issue under contention. I don't want to end up in faculty of Contemporary Arts! Euch.

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managing digital file collection

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I want to have an app that is an invisible (until you hover) 'zone' or area on my desktop that I can drag downloaded files of any type (like some ppt, pdf, rtf, etc) onto, drop them in that area, and have them auto-renamed and FILED into appropriate folders, based on their file type.

For example; I collect many academic and professional journal articles. Some come in as PDFs, some as HTML, some as DOC, RTF, or TXT (sometimes even PPT). Ideally, I would have programmable 'zones' on my desktop that, when i drag and drop onto that (eArticles) zone, it auto renames (Scraping the file for //AuthorsLastName. PubDate. ArticleTitle//) the files and auto-files them in the C://Users/smith/documents/eArticles folder, into their proper subdirectories named for their file extensions.

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