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retaining folder names as 'tags' for duplicate documents

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I have a large PDF collection - and several applications that claim to help me 'manage' my PDFs.

Some are focused on being note-taking tools; some see judicious selection from your PDF collection as research fodder for the writing process (Scrivener, Selenium); others are interested in organizing and mobilizing reference metadata for citation while writing papers (Reference Manager, RefWorks, EndNote); others have only added file management to robust citation management (Sente, EndNote) or vice-versa (Zotero).

And then there's Papers. Hands down the best document + metadata search, retrieval & article management app for the mac.

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Tag Folders (or maybe just smart folders) broken after 10.6.1 upgrade

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No Smart Folders made by Tag Folders show any contents, even after "successfully" tagging files. Using other means, verified that OpenMeta Tags are attached: TagFolders' Smart Folders just aren't showing any contents.

The upshot is; I can get the TF Smart Folders to function, but my fix occasionally causes the they belong to stop working. For details, read on...

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How the Pieces are coming Together

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So, I have decided to stop whining about how the tools 'just are not there' or 'just have so many shortcomings'.

From now onward, I am building a system - a dependable (ok, ill settle for pretty reliable and mostly stable) environment within which tailored workflows can be semi-automated to the best of my ability, and to the furthest extent possible with the available tools...

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managing digital file collection

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I want to have an app that is an invisible (until you hover) 'zone' or area on my desktop that I can drag downloaded files of any type (like some ppt, pdf, rtf, etc) onto, drop them in that area, and have them auto-renamed and FILED into appropriate folders, based on their file type.

For example; I collect many academic and professional journal articles. Some come in as PDFs, some as HTML, some as DOC, RTF, or TXT (sometimes even PPT). Ideally, I would have programmable 'zones' on my desktop that, when i drag and drop onto that (eArticles) zone, it auto renames (Scraping the file for //AuthorsLastName. PubDate. ArticleTitle//) the files and auto-files them in the C://Users/smith/documents/eArticles folder, into their proper subdirectories named for their file extensions.

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