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googling multivariate display

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Ying-Huey Fua. 1999. Hierarchical Parallel Coordinates

Worlds within worlds: Metaphors for exploring n-dimensional virtual worlds. Proc. UIST'90, p. 76-83, 1990.

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visualizing textual clusters

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I started my search on google scholar, to identify recent articles on this topic.

"visualizing text clusters" produced 0 hits.

"visualizing clusters" produced 120 hits. (32 post 2006)

Found one great one:

Chen, K. & Liu, L. (2006). iVIBRATE: Interactive visualization-based framework for clustering large datasets. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 24, 245-294.
Georgia Tech seems to put out a lot of good stuff.

Then I decided to change tracks; to see if 'text content' or document clustering comes up:

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mu.tuals blog gets a facelift

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Its about time, but not quite finished. I would still like to get a menu par on the side, for easier access to the user functions, Tagadelic topic cluster; who's online; etc.

The original inspiration for this theme should be obvious to those who know, and the color scheme pays homage to my first attempt at theming drupal nearly 5 years ago...

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first post dictated with my Bluetooth headset

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Well, first off I got to say that navigating the text input fields is not a piece of cake.

I suppose it's a matter of getting the website that you're using to respect and enable accessibility options for the disabled. If I didn't have a hand on my mouse I'd be out of luck.

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