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Tag Folders (or maybe just smart folders) broken after 10.6.1 upgrade

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No Smart Folders made by Tag Folders show any contents, even after "successfully" tagging files. Using other means, verified that OpenMeta Tags are attached: TagFolders' Smart Folders just aren't showing any contents.

The upshot is; I can get the TF Smart Folders to function, but my fix occasionally causes the they belong to stop working. For details, read on...

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personal learning - Rothkopf and Laurillard's 'mathemagenics'

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In my PKM hajj, I am reviewing some of the buzz on PKM. Its mostly bloggers like Llia Elfimova.

Incidentally, I found I myself intrigued not only by her blogging her PhD process (with significant gaps of late for child rearing) but in the etymology of her namesake...

The idea: 'mathemagenics' as activity from which learning emerges.


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visualizing natural language - 3D conversational agents

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Had a great after-class discussion with Steve. He gave us the lowdown on some of SIAT organizational history. Highlights included the hiring 'waves,' institutional memory, and the politics of place in the Academy. This last is very important to me personally; since those politics impinge on the domain of my studies. Given that CS and EnG are withdrawing from FAS, that leaves Contemporary Arts, Communications and us. The name of the new faculty is the issue under contention. I don't want to end up in faculty of Contemporary Arts! Euch.

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