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Hard to clean spots, No. 6: My Documents folder

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Okay, (small rant to follow) does it bother anyone else that app-makers interpret Apple's guidelines of limiting the locations of application-written files etc. to 'Application Support,' 'Preferences,' or 'Documents' as 'put everything in the damn Documents folder?'

Its just kind of anti-social behavior on the part of developers makes it hard for users to keep documents in their Documents folder. I, for one, have done my best to keep non-documents out of my Documents folder. Microsoft apple division, I hate you for putting 'Microsoft User Data' in my Documents folder. you suck. Keep your nasty data files where they belong. And you know who you are. Shape up.

Seriously, guys, if something is a database app, like DevonThink or Delicious Library, what is documenty about the database file itself?!? (More, and more serious stuff, after the break..)

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drupal + CleanURL + Apache + AJAX + AutoComplete = 404

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One of the things I really like about drupal is that it has built in the capacity to (manually) classify contents on the fly.

Besides being able to set up nested or hierarchical categories, it has a built in autocomplete feature that looks for every term you've ever used in that particular category, evaluates what you have typed so far, and generates a custom drop down list with 'official' terms. And, oh, yeah. You can ignore all its hard work and just keep on typing to add new terms if you really want to.

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que horrible

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Well, just got through the last of a gruelling upgrade/downgrade/upgrade loop. What a pain. Anyhow; decided to stick with the older version of drupal, since the update to 5.x majorly screwed with my database and made the site unreachable... Also, will need to re-theme to get to 5.x.

Since the last 'theming' took, oh, say 2 years, I think ill stay where we are for a bit.

Is it reasonable? no...but ive got to sleep

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all right!

i got the search functionality working here on AND i set up the Robots.txt files; BANNED a whole passel of former hackers from this domain; Started up my new Category system for posts; and I got the search-engine friendly URLs working, too.

The only thing left is to try to Mask the URLs that are coming up from search engines and loading a blank page...

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