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how did I hide digital editions and Microsoft User Data

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I am attempting to recreate all of the little customizations that I have layered onto my MBP.

In the Documents folder, I had removed the unwelcome ‘Microsoft User Data’ and Digital Editions folders from the finder by hiding them…

Or, more accurately, in the case of the MUD folder; moved the folder to ~/Library/ and created an alias to the original.

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Advanced Googling - for PKM (personal knowledge management)

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PKM, or Personal Knowledge Management, is more than a buzzword. Oh, its DEFINITELY a buzzword. No question. And there are some who question how it is ANY different than PIM, or Personal Information Management.

The simple answer is that proactive learning is not my Windows Address Book.

I weigh in on this in my Masters thesis...The gist of my lets-not-just-go-with-KM-'as-is' argument is this:

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