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how did I hide digital editions and Microsoft User Data

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I am attempting to recreate all of the little customizations that I have layered onto my MBP.

In the Documents folder, I had removed the unwelcome ‘Microsoft User Data’ and Digital Editions folders from the finder by hiding them…

Or, more accurately, in the case of the MUD folder; moved the folder to ~/Library/ and created an alias to the original.

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retaining folder names as 'tags' for duplicate documents

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I have a large PDF collection - and several applications that claim to help me 'manage' my PDFs.

Some are focused on being note-taking tools; some see judicious selection from your PDF collection as research fodder for the writing process (Scrivener, Selenium); others are interested in organizing and mobilizing reference metadata for citation while writing papers (Reference Manager, RefWorks, EndNote); others have only added file management to robust citation management (Sente, EndNote) or vice-versa (Zotero).

And then there's Papers. Hands down the best document + metadata search, retrieval & article management app for the mac.

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Tag Folders (or maybe just smart folders) broken after 10.6.1 upgrade

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No Smart Folders made by Tag Folders show any contents, even after "successfully" tagging files. Using other means, verified that OpenMeta Tags are attached: TagFolders' Smart Folders just aren't showing any contents.

The upshot is; I can get the TF Smart Folders to function, but my fix occasionally causes the they belong to stop working. For details, read on...

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Updating to DockSpaces 2.45 breaks FlowSpaces PLIST hacks

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My FlowSpaces project has relied to date on DockSpaces 2.1, which has a number of warts. Since I am not shy about sharing both the ups and downs of technology, this post discusses the pros and cons of DockSpaces and my recent attempts to update to its most recent version in context of the FlowSpaces project objectives.

So what's wrong with the old DockSpaces? First, it only allows Spaces integration (Dock/Space bindings) with the first 4 spaces.

FlowSpaces. DockSpaces 2.1 Preferences. Spaces Integration Message

FlowSpaces. DockSpaces 2.1 Preferences. Spaces

What 'Spaces Integration' means is that when switching to any one of the first 4 spaces, the right dock will load automatically.

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disappearing desktop icon in osx finder sidebar is really just a new one overwriting the original one

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So a while ago when I was figuring out how to get OSX leopard to do fast user switching I noticed that desktop icons (in the Finder sidebar) were different between accounts.

FlowSpaces. Correct Desktop Icon in Sidebar. New User. Picture 1.png

The new 'test' account had the 'default' icon that looks like a thumbnail of the actual desktop--not the 'special folder' icon that is is the default for the Desktop folder that you would see in your Home folder...

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Dock hints

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To open a Finder window for any folder in the Stacks area of OSX 10.5 dock:
   1. Left-click the icon in the dock while holding the Command key.
To reload the Dock (if the dock icons go wacky, or Spaces freezes up):
   1. Launch Terminal
   2. enter the command: killall Dock

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Thanks for the email, Jimmy - Update on Bravia and integrated intel chipset

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A couple days ago I received an email from a reader. It reminded me that I should really post a follow up. Thanks for the email!

The ending to this story is a good one. I found out that:

S-video (round connector) cables are only built to transmit 480i. They can push up to 800x600, but it wont look great. And since they do it 'analog' with fewer dedicated channels than the SVGA cables, the quality will not usually be as good as an SVGA (traditional computer monitor connector) cable set to display at 640x480 or 800x600.

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pushing native 720p widescreen from an integrated graphics chipset


Oh my god, what a headache Intel's 945GM has turned out to be.

Not to mention Sony's lack of drivers for their Bravia KDL-40S3000.

Maybe I should have waited for 1080p to come down in price; but my lovely wife got a great doorbuster price on black friday. So the beast has finally arrived...and displays only 4:3 1024x768; not even the 16:9ish 1280x768 (black screen).

And I cannot get the Intel Drivers (updated to the latest Vista drivers, and even to a patch for high-resolution HD displays, just not the low-res HD...) to push 1360x768.

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drupal + CleanURL + Apache + AJAX + AutoComplete = 404

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One of the things I really like about drupal is that it has built in the capacity to (manually) classify contents on the fly.

Besides being able to set up nested or hierarchical categories, it has a built in autocomplete feature that looks for every term you've ever used in that particular category, evaluates what you have typed so far, and generates a custom drop down list with 'official' terms. And, oh, yeah. You can ignore all its hard work and just keep on typing to add new terms if you really want to.

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