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Hard to clean spots, No. 3: My Downloads Folder

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OMG. What a nightmare. Of course, I'm mostly trying to build my collection of tools, so 99.8% of my downloads are applications.
As in the case of bookmarks, I can tell you that simply having accreted a directory structure (slowly over time) is *NO* guarantee that the folder structures that I used to file "Little Snitch.dmg" last time will be the one that occurs to me next time I have download an updated disc image of that app.
So how do I get past this endemic classification continuity/consistency problem?

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Customizing Workspaces for Workflows on OSX leopard

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One of the things I always disliked (never blossomed into full hatred, given that I did not have a UNIX/LINUX background) was how all my processes or workflows open at once quickly became a mess. In particular, large workflows involving many windows were hard to manage.
In OSX, (thanks 'NIX-trolls, I know y'all had it first, long time ago) Exposé/Spaces offer a (less-than trouble-free) way to have multiple desktops open. What it does not offer is a way to successfully bind applications to a given space. Partly this has to do with the implementation of Spaces as a 'feature' of the Dock.

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mu.tuals blog gets a facelift

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Its about time, but not quite finished. I would still like to get a menu par on the side, for easier access to the user functions, Tagadelic topic cluster; who's online; etc.

The original inspiration for this theme should be obvious to those who know, and the color scheme pays homage to my first attempt at theming drupal nearly 5 years ago...

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