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simple does it! searching "visual cluster" on Springerlink

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This was a great search!

"visual cluster"

It produced 23 results!

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plain old google

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This visualiz* "document cluster*" Google search produced 28 hits.

This may be my best google search yet.

I thought about 12 were worth exploring further, and about 8 resulted in downloaded documents/articles.

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the last huzzah: IEEE Vis on 'document clustering visualization'

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Produced 1964 of 1696753 documents.

Search results

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drilling transactions on Visualizaiton and Computer Graphics for 'TexClusViz'

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I decided to drill down in one of the top IEEE publications on Visualization.

It took a while to figure out how to search just one publication. Details: The main site I have for this publication features the newest articles...but no facility for searching just this publication.

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searching acm digital library for "visualiz text cluster"

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I'm not as happy with the search utility at ACM: they don't allow * wildcard characters.

I tried "visualiz* text* cluster*" and got 0 hits.

Next I tried +visualize +visualizing "text clusters" and got 200 hits (there may have been more: ACM results page says something like "showing the best 200 results").

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searching ieee Xplore for 'visualizing text clusters'

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Searched ( ((visualiz*)<in>metadata ) <and> ((text*)<in>metadata ) )<and> ((cluster*)<in>metadata )

My search matched 71 of 1692897 documents.

I reviewed the abstracts of the first 17 or so and found a lot of noise around volumetric modeling...Decided to remove texture* from my search...

So I Searched ( ((( ((visualiz*)<in>metadata ) <and> ((text*)<in>metadata ) )<and> ((cluster*)<in>metadata ))<in>metadata ) <not> ((texture*)<in>metadata ) )

& my search matched 43 of 1692897 documents.

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googling multivariate display

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Ying-Huey Fua. 1999. Hierarchical Parallel Coordinates

Worlds within worlds: Metaphors for exploring n-dimensional virtual worlds. Proc. UIST'90, p. 76-83, 1990.

In Google Scholar

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visualizing textual clusters

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I started my search on google scholar, to identify recent articles on this topic.

"visualizing text clusters" produced 0 hits.

"visualizing clusters" produced 120 hits. (32 post 2006)

Found one great one:

Chen, K. & Liu, L. (2006). iVIBRATE: Interactive visualization-based framework for clustering large datasets. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 24, 245-294.
Georgia Tech seems to put out a lot of good stuff.

Then I decided to change tracks; to see if 'text content' or document clustering comes up:

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